My Dryer Making Loud Screeching Noise When Turning (7 Fixes!)

Is your dryer making loud screeching noise when turning? Then you must identify why and probably fix it if it’s DIY, at least before calling an expert.

Simple issues like loose legs or screws, foreign metallic objects, lint buildup, heavy load, and obstructed or loose baffles can make your dryer screech loudly. But still, an aging or dysfunctional component, such as the glide, belt, idler pulley, felt seal, or motor, could have the same result.

So, look at all these considerations, starting with the simplest.

When it comes to an aging or dysfunctional component, it’s crucial to identify the cause of the screeching. For example, if the noise originates from the bottom, the component to inspect is the motor, and if it’s from the front, the faulty part could be the idler pulley or felt seal.

However, if it’s from the back, consider the other components. I’ll take you through all those basics to enable you to troubleshoot your dryer seamlessly.

But first, let’s understand if a squeaky dryer is dangerous or not and why you should fix it.

Let’s jump into it! 

dryer making loud screeching noise when turning

In a rush? See below the seven likely explanations for your screeching or squeaking dryer and their fixes:

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for A Dryer Making Loud Screeching Noise When Turning

Likely CauseRecommended Fix
1.Loose LegsUse a wrench to tighten the dryer’s feet if they are loose 
2.Loose Screws Tighten loose screws using a torque wrench or screwdriver
3.Foreign Metallic Objects Remove foreign objects from the clothes and drum
4.Lint Buildup Around The Pulley and BeltInspect the pulley and drive belt for lint buildup and clean them
5.Heavy Load Reduce the amount of load in the drum
6.Obstructed or Loose Baffles Get rid of debris around the baffles and tighten them if they are loose
7.Aging or Dysfunctional Component (glides, drum roller, drum bearing, support roller, drive belt, felt seal, idler pulley, or motor)Replace the worn out component and grease those that are unlubricated

Is A Squeaky Dryer Dangerous?

Concerning your safety as a user, a squeaky dryer is not dangerous. The sound is, however, irritating. And to some people, the annoying sound can be mentally stressful. Therefore, fixing the dryer as soon as it starts to squeak is advisable.

Besides, there’s always the chance that the dryer is squeaking because of a dysfunctional component. So, once you don’t act, the part breaks down further, translating to an unnecessary costly repair. 

7 Reasons Your Dryer Making Loud Screeching Noise When Turning

Several whys and wherefores could explain why your dryer is squeaking, squealing, or screeching. The most likely ones are

1. Loose Legs, Which Are Making the Dryer Unstable

The dryer’s legs shouldn’t be shaky. If they are, the dryer will make some noise when running, and it’s likely to be a squeaky sound.

For that reason, it’s advisable to check the legs to see if they are loose or uneven. If they are, then that’s what is causing the squeal. 


If your dryer legs are loose, tighten them. You’ll need first to push the dryer away from the wall and tilt it at an angle backward. Then use a wrench to secure its loose legs. 

is a squeaky dryer dangerous

2. Loose Screws 

This is most likely the reason for the squeal if your dryer is newly bought. Loose screws often grind when the dryer runs, but they can also squeak.


If any of the dryer screws are loose, tighten them. You can use a screwdriver or torque wrench to do it but ensure all exposed screws are tight. 

3. Lint Buildup Around the Pulley or Drive Belt

Over time, lint builds up inside the dryer, especially around the pulley and drive belt. Once that happens, it affects those components’ smooth running, and the dryer may squeak when running. 


Remove the back panel from the dryer to inspect the pulley and drive belt for lint buildup. You must unplug the dryer from the power first before you can disassemble it.

If the pulley and drive belt are lint-clogged, clean them before putting the dryer back together. 

4. Foreign Metallic Objects in The Drum

Sometimes, the dryer screeches because of foreign metallic objects such as coins, pins, and clips which fall off your clothes. Once these objects get caught in the drum, especially beneath the lint screen, they are likely to produce a squeaky sound. 


Inspect the drum for any foreign objects and remove them. It may mean checking inside the pockets of the clothes to identify loose items.

5. Heavy Load 

This issue is common among Samsung dryers. Once you overload the dryer, dryer may produce either a grinding or squeaking sound. So, while this does not show a significant fault, it shows you are overworking the dryer by overloading it. 


Ideally, the clothes load should be about ¾ full and not full to the top. Once you notice you’ve overloaded the dryer, turn it off and reduce the load size.

It’s also important to avoid excessively loading clothes. So, you may need to run the spin cycle on your washing machine before transferring the clothes to the dryer.

6. Obstructed or Loose Baffles/Litters 

Inside the dryer are lifters or baffles whose job is to lift the tumbling clothes. Over time, the baffles accumulate dirt and lint, which obstructs them. Once that’s the case, they produce a squeaking sound when the dryer turns. 

Meanwhile, the baffles may also squeak if they are loose. So, not only should you inspect them for obstruction but also looseness. 


Inspect the baffles for debris, clogging, or looseness. If they are clogged, clean them. If they are loose, try to tighten them.

But if you can’t clean or tighten them, consider replacing them. 

How do you fix a noisy screeching noise in a dryer

7. Aging or Dysfunctional Component

If you still cannot find why your dryer is screeching, consider the possibility of an aging or dysfunctional component. The secret here is to identify where the sequel is coming from and then match it with the most likely cause.

Here’s what to know:

(a) Squealing from The Bottom – Inspect The Motor

If your dryer is squealing from the bottom, it’s either because it’s unstable or due to a worn motor. Once you confirm that it is not the former, consider the latter. It could be that the motor is damaged or just worn out.


Consider replacing the drive motor if it’s damaged or worn out. 

(b) Squealing from The Front – Inspect The Idler Pulley and Felt Seal

If the screeching is from the front of the dryer, the problem could be the idler pulley which is loose or damaged, or the felt seal, which is worn out or broken. 

  • Loose or Damaged Idler Pulley Vs. Squeaking Sound

If the sound is specifically from the dryer’s front right side, the likely faulty component is the idler pulley. The pulley, also known as the tensioner, puts tension on the drive belt to protect it from slipping off.

Once it’s loose or damaged, it’s unable to do that. Instead, it makes an annoying screeching sound. 


Consider replacing the idler pulley if it’s loose or damaged. 

  • Worn Out or Broken Felt Seal Vs. Squeaky Sound

If the idler pulley is not the problem, but the noise still comes from the front, it could be the felt seal that’s either broken or worn out. This seal cushions the drum from abrasion and stops air from entering the drum.

Once it wears down or breaks, it’s unable to do that but will make a loud squeak sound instead. 


Check the felt seal and replace it if it shows damage or aging. 

(c) Squealing from The Back – Inspect The Components Below:

  • Glides /slides – The glides/slides support the drum’s front side. Over time, they wear out and make a squeaky sound when the drum turns. If so, you’ll need to replace them.
  • Drum rollers – The drum rollers whose job is to prevent the unnecessary movement of the dryer wear out over time. When they do, they produce a squeaky sound. So, you’ll need to inspect and replace them if they show signs of wear.
  • Drum bearings – The drum bearings generally support the rear side of the drum. They, however, squeak if ungreased or when they wear out. So, try greasing them, but replace them if they show signs of wear. 
  • Support rollers – The support roller can also make a squeaky sound if ungreased or when it wears out. So, consider greasing it but if it appears old, replace it. 
  • Drive belt – The drive belt, which wraps around the tension pulley and motor, must be in good condition for the dryer to run. If it fails or breaks, the dryer may not turn and produce a squeaky sound.


Scrutinize the drive belt and replace it if it shows signs of frailty, wear, or crack. 

How much does it cost to fix a screeching dryer

Maytag Dryer Making Loud Screeching Sound

Your Maytag dryer is making a screeching sound because its legs are loose, there are loose metallic objects in the drum, or the exposed screws are loose.

If that’s not the case, one vital dryer component could be worn out or dysfunctional. That includes the idler pulley, drive belt, drum glides, support rollers, motor, or drum bearing.

LG Dryer Making Loud Screeching Noise When Turning

If your LG dryer is screeching, it’s most likely because of a worn-out drive belt, blower, drum roller, idler pulley, drum bearing, or motor. So, consider inspecting those components and replacing the worn-out ones. 

But before you do, check the drum for foreign metallic objects like coins and pins. Also, check for any loose screws and legs and tighten them.

Whirlpool Dryer Making Loud Screeching Sound

Several issues could make your Whirlpool dryer produce a squeaking sound. It could be that the dryer is unstable, either due to loose feet or an uneven surface.

So, you should level its feet and position it on uniform ground.

Also, it could be that the monitor, drive belt, roller shaft, or idler pulley is worn out. If so, then you need to replace the worn-out component. 

Samsung Electric Dryer Making Screeching Noise

Consider checking the load to ensure it’s not excess/heavy when your Samsung dryer makes a screeching sound. Also, check the dryer’s legs to ensure they are loose, and tighten any loose screws. 

Inspect the drum, too, to find any loose metallic foreign items like pins and coins and remove them. If the dryer still scratches, call an expert to examine the internal components. 

People Also Ask

1.  How Do You Fix a Noisy Screeching Noise in A Dryer?

You can fix a noisy screeching noise in a dryer by:

  • Level the dryer’s feet and ensure they aren’t loose
  • Tightening any loose screws
  • Remove any foreign metallic objects from the drum
  • Replacing the drive belt, idler pulley, drum roller, drive motor, and other components when they wear out

2. On Average, How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Screeching Dryer?

Depending on the reason behind the dryer screeching and whether it’s DIY, it may cost between $0 and $200 to fix. It’ll cost you nothing to level the leg and tighten loose screws, but you may pay $100 – $200 to replace a component or pay an expert.

3. Why Is My Dryer Making a Loud Squeaky Noise?

Your dryer is making a loud squeaky noise because its legs are unstable, some wires are loose, or there are foreign objects in the drum. 

Also, it could be due to worn out or dysfunctional components such as the idler pulley, drive motor, drum rollers, or drive belt.

Closing Remarks 

Now you know how to deal with a dryer making loud screeching noise when turning. Start by identifying the cause, which could be loose legs or screws, lint obstruction, loose foreign items, bulky load, or dysfunctional baffles. 

Don’t forget to check for worn-out glides, drum rollers, bearings, support rollers, drive motor, drive belt, or felt seals.

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