9 Reasons Samsung Dryer Making Rattling Noise (Fixed!)

Is your Samsung dryer making rattling noise, and it’s becoming annoying? Do you wish to troubleshoot it but are unsure what to check and plan to call a dryer expert? Don’t just yet!

Your Samsung Dryer is making rattling noise because it’s unlevelled or due to issues like rattling outside objects, loose objects in the drum, obstructed fan blade, unsecured exhaust alignment or motor pulley, faulty belt, or worn-out drum rollers or roller axles.

Out of these nine issues lies the explanation for your rattling Samsung dryer. And as you’ll learn in this guide, you can quickly troubleshoot the issue and silence your dryer.

I will discuss the issues behind the rattling and their fixes and other noise-related problems affecting the Samsung dryer. Understandably, you should be quick to silence the dryer as such noises could indicate possible damage to your precious dryer.

Let’s dive in!

Samsung dryer making rattling noise

In a hurry? Below is a troubleshooting guide for a rattling Samsung dryer.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for a Samsung Dryer Making Rattling Noise

Likely CauseFix
1.Unlevelled dryerAdjust the dryer’s feet and position the dryer on a leveled surface.
2.Rattling outside objectCreate enough clearance around the dryer to avoid any rattling objects.
3.Loose objects in the drumRemove coins, screws, and other loose metal objects from the drum.
4.Obstructed fan bladeClear any obstruction around the fan blade.
5.Unsecured exhaust alignmentAdjust and secure the exhaust alignment.
6.Unsecured motor pulleySecure the motor pulley.
7.Faulty dryer beltReplace the dryer belt.
8.Worn-out drum rollersReplace the drum rollers.
9.Worn-out roller axlesChange the roller axles.

Why Is My Samsung Dryer Rattling?

It’s not normal for your Samsung dryer to produce a rattling sound. That shows that something is wrong and needs immediate fixing.

Here are nine issues you should check when your Samsung dryer starts to rattle:

1. Unlevelled Dryer

Your dryer needs to be stable. If it rests on an uneven surface, it’s likely to shake and produce a rattling sound when it starts running. The same could happen if the feet are loose or out of level. So, you’ve to consider the two issues.


Move the dryer to a more solid and stable ground and adjust the feet to ensure they all touch the ground. It may also help to fasten the feet if they are loose.

2. Rattling Outside Objects

There should be enough clearance around the dryer. If the dryer is too close to the wall, it’ll rattle against the objects leaning towards it and even the power cord, which may result in a rattling sound.


Create enough clearance, about 20 inches, around the dryer to avoid any rattling incidence. If possible, push the dryer away from the wall entirely and ensure nothing is leaning towards it, not even the power cord.

3. Loose Objects in the Drum

If screws, coins, metal zips, and other metallic objects are loose in the drum, they may obstruct the drum and cause it to make some noise. The noise could be anything from a screeching to a rattling sound.


Inspect the drum for loose foreign objects and remove them. That’s more important if the noise is deafening-loud or weird.

Why is my dryer making a rattling noise

4. Obstructed Fan Blade

The fan blade should be free from any obstruction, including lint and dirt. Over time, however, the blade accumulates lint and dirt, and that causes it to struggle to blow air.

Also, note that the fan blade may struggle to run if it’s loose. So, inspect it for dirt clogging and looseness, which may cause a rattling sound.


Clear any obstruction on the fan blade to ensure the fan blade can run smoothly. But if the fan blade is loose, tighten it in place.

5. Unsecured Exhaust Alignment

The exhaust alignment should be firm to allow the dryer to run smoothly. If it’s loose, the dryer may produce a rattling sound, which can be annoying. So, you’ve to inspect it.


Check if the exhaust alignment is loose and adjust and fasten it. It should be firm, remember.

6. Unsecured Motor Pulley

Another component that you should inspect for looseness is the motor pulley. Just like the exhaust alignment, it shouldn’t be loose as it’s likely to produce a rattling sound if it is.


Secure the motor pulley if it’s loose. Ask for a dryer expert’s help if you cannot do it.

7. Faulty Drive Belt

You expect the drive belt to be in condition for the drum to turn smoothly. Over time, however, the drive belt may weaken or even break; when it does, the dryer may produce a rattling or any other sound.


Check if the drive belt is frail or worn out and replace it if that’s the case.

8. Worn-Out Drum Rollers

The drum rollers’ job is to reduce the drum-dryer housing friction as the drum spins. The rollers, however, wear down to friction, and when they do, they may produce a rattling sound.


If the drum rollers are worn out, replace them.

9. Worn-Out Roller Axles

Lastly, consider that the roller axles might have worn out too. These axles are responsible for supporting the drum. If they are faulty, the drum will make some noise, sometimes rattling.


Check the roller axles for wear and replace them if that’s the case.

Samsung dryer making loud rattling noise

Samsung Dryer Making Loud Humming Noise

Your Samsung dryer will produce a low hum or buzz during the normal running of the motor. However, if the humming is loud, it could indicate an issue with the motor, which you should check.

If nothing is wrong with the motor, the problem could be with the drive belt, drum bearings, or idler pulley, which need replacing. So, check all those!

Samsung Dryer Making Loud Vibrating Noise

Your Samsung dryer will vibrate loud because of one of these issues:

  • An unlevelled or unstable surface
  • Loose or out-of-level dryer feet
  • Dryer overload
  • Bulky load
  • Worn-out rollers

In this case, ensure the dryer is stable and adjust its feet properly. Reduce an overload and avoid bulky clothes; if the drum rollers are worn out, replace them.

Samsung Dryer Making Grinding Noise

It’s not typical for the Samsung dryer to produce a grinding noise. It often happens due to worn-out drum glides or drum bearings, whose job is to support the drum. That will likely occur over time; when it does, you should replace the glides and drum bearings.

Another possible explanation for the grinding noise is a drum overload, which needs checking. But if that’s not the case, check the drive motor for fault and replace it if that’s the case.

Samsung Dryer Making Knocking Noise

Consider that your Samsung dryer is making a knocking noise because there is insufficient clearance around it, and so items leaning towards it are rattling against it.

It could also be that the drum is overloaded or contains a bulky item. But if the issue is not with the loading, it could be a jammed pulley or obstructed blower. So, you need to check that the two components are free from any obstruction.

Samsung Dryer Making Rumbling Noise

Your Samsung dryer is making a rumbling noise because of an overload, and if so, you should remove the extra articles. It could also be that the blower wheel is obstructed or loose. Clear the obstruction in the first case, and fasten the blower wheel in the second.

The other components to check, however, are the drum rollers which wear down over time and, if so, replace it.

why is my Samsung dryer rattling

People Also Ask

1. Why Is My Dryer Making a Rattling Noise?

Your dryer might be rattling for different reasons. First, it could be that the dryer is unstable, something is banging against its outside walls, or perhaps due to loose metal objects clanging in the drum.

If that’s not it, it could be a loose exhaust alignment, or motor pulley or a defective drive belt, or worn-out roller axles or drum rollers.

2. Why Is My Samsung Dryer Making a Banging Noise?

Your Samsung Dryer is banging because of a laundry overload or bulky load. If nothing is wrong with the laundry, it could be due to worn-out drum rollers, a faulty drive belt, or trapped large items in the tub.

3. How Do You Fix a Noisy Samsung Dryer?

Generally, it takes these basics to fix a noisy Samsung dryer:

  • Adjust the dryer’s feet and station the dryer on a solid surface if it’s out of balance
  • Evenly redistribute the load and avoid bulky load or an overload
  • Remove any loose foreign objects in the drum
  • Create enough clearance around the drum to prevent any rattling
  • Replace worn-out drum rollers, roller axles, idler pulley, and drive belt
  • Clear any obstruction from the blower or fan blade

4. Why is My Dryer Making a Loud Noise?

Your dryer will make a loud noise for different reasons. First, it could be a loading issue, where the load is excessive, bulky, or just out of level, thus causing the dryer to shake.

Secondly, it could be due to trapped objects in the drum or rattling items outside the dryer walls. And if that’s not it, it could be due to worn-out supportive components like the drum rollers and roller axles.

5. Why is My Dryer So Loud All of a Sudden?

Your dryer is loud all of a sudden because something is malfunctioning. It could be that the load is out of balance or excessive, the dryer is out of level and shaky, or something has broken. The broken component could be the drive motor or the idler pulley.

If not, check for loose objects in the drum or something rattling against its walls due to inadequate clearance.

Concluding Thought:

Having shared the likely reasons for a Samsung dryer making rattling noise, you should be able to troubleshoot the appliance. Start by ensuring the dryer is stable, create enough clearance around the dryer and remove any foreign items in the drum.

Meanwhile, unblock an obstructed fan blade, fasten a loose exhaust alignment and motor pulley, and replace a faulty drive belt or worn-out drum rollers or roller axles. That’s how you stop a rattling Samsung dryer!

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