Samsung Refrigerator Noise Stops When Door Open (Explained!)

You most likely expect a running Samsung fridge to make a noise when the door opens. But what if it’s the opposite? What if the Samsung refrigerator noise stops when door open?

Ordinarily, Samsung refrigerators stop making noise when the door opens due to the automatic turning off of the evaporator fan and the compressor going on standby mode. However, if the noise won’t stop after opening the door, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

The issue could be the door (which has been left open for too long), squeaky hinges, a misaligned fridge, leaky door strap, ice obstruction, or incorrectly-placed glass items.

Note that the reverse could happen – the refrigerator could make a noise when the door is closed. But for you to act, you’ve to distinguish between ‘normal fridge operation noises’ and abnormal ones, and I’ll help you do that.  

But if you are in a hurry, the table below looks at the possible reasons behind a noisy Samsung fridge when the door is open. 

Samsung refrigerator noise stops when door open

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for A Noisy Samsung Refrigerator When the Door Is Open

Likely Explanation Recommended Fix 
1.The door Has Been Open For Too LongTry shutting the door but if it won’t, inspect the door seal for fault and replace it
2.Squeaky Hinge Spray the hinges with food-grade silicone 
3.Misaligned Fridge Level up the fridge to reduce the vibration 
4.Leaky Door Strap Repair the leaky door strap 
5.Ice Obstruction Allow the fridge to self-defrost by unplugging it for several hours 
6.Incorrectly Placed Glass Items Correctly position the out-of-place glass items 

Why The Samsung Refrigerator Noise Stops When Door Open (When It’s Normal)

Under normal operations, Samsung refrigerators go into a brief self-shut mode when the door opens. It starts with the evaporator fan, which goes off (stops spinning). 

Meanwhile, the thermostat causes the compressor to go on standby. So, the compressor also stops running, and that’s why you can’t hear it unless it’s faulty or something else forces it to run continuously. 

Overall, the goal of the thermostat is to save you energy once the door is open. It becomes a concern when the refrigerator becomes noisy after opening the door instead of going mute. Let’s discuss the reasons that would result next.

Samsung Refrigerator Noise Won’t Stop When the Door Opens (Samsung Fridge High Pitched Noise)

Now, if your Samsung refrigerator becomes noisy once you open the door, that suggests an anomaly, and the reason could be any of these:

1. The Refrigerator Door Has Been Open for Too Long (Beeping Sound)

Once you leave the Samsung refrigerator door open for too long, it’ll make a beeping sound to inform you of the problem. So, this is not an actual anomaly but an easily correctable mistake.


Close the refrigerator door firmly to see if the beeping stops. If it won’t, inspect the door seal for possible damage and replace it if that’s the diagnosis.

2. Squeaky Door Hinge (Squeaking Sound)

While the door hinge may squeak for different reasons, it mostly does it when it’s dirty or rusty. So, you ought to inspect it to determine the cause of the squeaking.


Try spraying the door hinge with food-grade silicone. You get the sprays online but avoid WD-40 sprays as they’ll make the hinges dirtier. 

3. Misaligned Refrigerator (Vibrating Sound)

Sometimes a Samsung refrigerator will make a noise when the door is open to indicate that it’s not leveled correctly. The fridge could be vibrating because it’s out of balance.


Check the refrigerator’s alignment and reposition or realign it if it’s unstable. 

Samsung refrigerator making loud humming noise

4. Leaky Door Strap 

The magnetic refrigerator door strap creates an air seal that retains cold air in the fridge. Once the strap becomes faulty, it allows cold air to escape, which may result in some noise from the overworking compressor.


Inspect the door strap and repair it if it’s faulty. 

5. Ice Build Up (Grinding Sound)

If your refrigerator is making a grinding sound after opening the door, it could be because of an ice buildup. In that case, the sound results from the fan grinding the ice growth. 


Inspect the evaporator fan for possible ice obstruction and leave the refrigerator unplugged to defrost. 

6. Incorrectly Placed Glass Items (Vibrating Sound)

If glass items in the refrigerator are incorrectly placed, they’ll vibrate even after opening the fridge door. The vibration is a natural response of the running refrigerator.


Check the glass items in the refrigerator and reposition them correctly if they are loose or out of position. 

Why Does My Samsung Fridge Make A Noise When I Close The Door?

Not all the noise a Samsung refrigerator makes while the door is closed is terrible. A majority of them don’t indicate a malfunction. Let’s differentiate them. 

Normal Samsung Refrigerator Noise When the Door Is Closed

According to Samsung, the types of noises in the table below are pretty normal, but you can always troubleshoot them if they are too aging or go on for too long. 

Fridge Noise Reason What To Do (Troubleshooting)
Bubbling/Hissing/GurglingRefrigerant flow or water dripping Unless the sound is too loud (when you should contact Samsung), there’s nothing to do
Beeping/ChimingThe door left open for long or not shut properly Try closing the fridge door and replacing the door seal if it’s faulty
Popping/Crackling/SnappingExpansion and contraction of plastic parts during defrosting Nothing to do as the noise often fades after a short while 
Low Hum/BuzzThe icemaker trying to fill up with water or a running compressorEnsure the ice maker is well connected to the water supply
Whistling/BlowingCirculating/running fansTry repositioning the fridge. The noise, however, shouldn’t alarm you
Low GrindIce dispensingWait for the dispenser to dispense the ice 
RattlingSomething rubbing against the fridge’s wallsRemove anything that’s rubbing against the fridge 
FlutteringThe unit has reached a specific temperatureReset the refrigerator’s temperature  to restart the compressor 
ClickingIce maker filling up with waterWait for the noise maker to fill up with water
Loud BangIce dropping into the ice bucket or something unsteady falling in the fridgeSteady anything unsteady in the fridge

Abnormal Refrigerator Noise When the Samsung Refrigerator Door Is Closed

Now that we’ve seen normal sounds from your Samsung refrigerator, you should check if the noise is deafening or very annoying. Overall, here are the issues to consider when your Samsung refrigerator makes noise while the door is closed:

1. Blocked Fan (Samsung Refrigerator Fan Noise Ice Buildup)

The evaporator fan produces a loud buzzing or grinding sound if it hits an ice growth while trying to spin. If so, the problem is not the evaporator fan, but the defrost unit (the reason for the second problem).


You need to unblock the evaporator fan. That means emptying the fridge, unplugging it, and allowing it to rest for up to 24 hours to self-defrost. 

Samsung refrigerator fan noise ice buildup

2. Ice Buildup (Grinding Sound)

If the freezer compartment accumulates ice, the unit will make some noise when running. That shows that something is wrong with its defrosting system, something an expert should check. 


The freezer will need defrosting, but that first requires you to disassemble it. An expert fridge technician can help you here. 

3. Failing Evaporator Fan Motor (Loud Humming)

The evaporator fan motor, which you’ll find in the freezer compartment, circulates cold air around the fridge. Once it starts malfunctioning, the freezer cannot freeze things and may become warmer.

That’s not the only sign. The fan motor may also become noisy when trying to run. 


Inspect the evaporator fan. If it’s producing a loud buzzing sound and the freezer is warmer, replace it. 

4. Bad Water Inlet Valve (Loud Grinding)

Sometimes the Samsung refrigerator becomes loud because the water inlet valve cannot do its job. This electronically controlled valve allows the dispenser to receive water. 

But once it clogs, which could happen over time, water struggles to get to the dispenser and may produce a loud grinding noise.


Inspect the water inlet valve if the fridge is making a loud grinding sound and the dispenser won’t fill up with water. 

5. Failed Compressor (Samsung Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise)

I remember mentioning that it’s normal for the Samsung refrigerator to stop making noise once you open the door to indicate that the compressor is running. However, it’s defective if it’s humming so loud and the fridge won’t cool or freeze.


Replace the compressor if it’s humming so loud and the refrigerator is not cooling or freezing. 

People Also Ask 

1. Why Is My Fridge Making Noise but Stops When I Open the Door?

Your fridge makes a noise and stops when you open the door because the compressor has gone on standby mode and the evaporator fan is off. That’s normal for most fridges, especially Samsung Refrigerators. 

2. Why Is My Samsung Refrigerator Making a Loud Humming Sound?

Your Samsung refrigerator makes a loud humming sound because the compressor is failing, the fan motor is ice-obstructed, or the ice maker is struggling to fill up with water (due to a disconnected water supply).

3. How Can I Stop a Samsung Refrigerator from Buzzing? 

It’s normal for a Samsung refrigerator to make a low buzzing sound when the ice maker or compressor is running, which is normal. However, if the humming is loud, it could indicate high water pressure, which you should reduce. 

4. Is It Normal for Samsung Fridge to Make Noise? 

It’s normal for a Samsung fridge to make a low-tone noise when running. That includes:

  • Banging sound (when ice drops from the ice maker)
  • Hissing /gurgling (when the water drips or the refrigerant flows)
  • Popping/snapping (expansion and contraction of plastic parts)
  • Low buzz/hum (running ice maker)
  • Beeping/chiming (open door or high temperature)

5. Why Does My Fridge Make Noise at Night?

A Samsung fridge often becomes noisy at night due to its plastic parts’ repetitive contraction and expansion. The refrigerator will make a brief popping or cracking sound in such a case. But if the noise persists or becomes too loud, call Samsung. 

Closing Thought On ‘Samsung Refrigerator Noise Stops When Door Open’

As shared, a Samsung refrigerator stops to make noise when its door is open due to the compressor going on standby and the fan motor shutting off. That’s normal.  

However, if the fridge won’t stop making noise, something is wrong, and it could be the door being open for long, squeaky hinges, a misaligned fridge, leaky door strap, ice buildup, or incorrectly placed glass items. 

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