Why Is Samsung Fridge Making Noise When Door Is Closed?

It perturbs most Samsung fridge owners when their units make noise when the door closes and stop when it opens. Overall, it’s hard to tell if a Samsung fridge making noise when door is closed is good or bad, and that’s where this post comes in.

Ideally, Samsung fridges’ compressor and evaporator fan are designed to go on standby mode when the door opens and kick in when it shuts. That explains why the fridge is noisy when the door closes and quiet when it closes. However, some issues create an abnormal sound indicative of a malfunction.

Noise types like low vibration, crackling, popping, snapping, whistling, sizzling, hissing, bubbling, soft bang, and soft hum, among many others, are pretty normal when a Samsung fridge is running. Others, however, such as a loud vibration, buzzing, grinding, rattling, and squeaking, relate to a malfunction. 

So, not every noise that your Samsung refrigerator makes is terrible. Some noises show your refrigerator is running, and thus there is no cause for alarm.  Others, however, necessitate the need to act fast and troubleshoot them. 

This guide shall help you differentiate the refrigerator noises and know what to do when the noise is too strange or alarming. But before we do, I’ll explain more why Samsung fridges make some noise when the door closes, and the noise stops when you open the door.

Mark you, this is under perfect working conditions and not when there’s an anomaly. Let’s get into it!

Samsung fridge making noise when door is closed

In a hurry? The table below differentiates normal and abnormal Samsung fridge noises. 

Types of Samsung Fridge Noises When the Door Is Closed and Their Fixes

 Fridge Noise TypeCause Under Normal Conditions (Low Noise)Cause Indicative Of A Malfunction (Loud Noise)Quick Fix
1.Popping, Snapping, or CracklingContraction and expansion of plastic parts during defrostingBroken or faulty evaporator fan Fix the loud noise by replacing the faulty evaporator fan
2.Humming or Buzzing Compressor running or ice maker fillingEmpty ice maker or faulty ice maker, or compressorFix the loud buzz by connecting the ice maker’s water supply or replacing the ice maker or compressor
3.Gurgling, Hissing or BurblingRefrigerant flow or water drippingNo action
4.Beeping/ChimingThe door is not shut well, or a high temperatureClose the fridge door properly and lower the temperature to about 380F
5.Whistling or Air BlowingThe refrigerator is very close to the wallMove the fridge away from the wall by 2 inches at least
6.Thumping, Banging, Knocking, or Jackhammer SoundUnsteady items falling over, or ice falling into the bucketIce growth, loose water pipe, damaged plastic parts, or bad ice makerIn case of a loud thump, defrost the unit, fix any unfastened pipe, or replace the ice maker or plastic parts 
7.Grinding Ice dispensingIce collision or faulty motor, or water inlet valveRemove ice obstruction along the motor or replace the inlet valve or motor
8.Squeaking Dry or faulty door hingesLubricate the hinge with food-grade silicone spray or replace it if it’s faulty
9.Rattling Compressor coming to a stopSomething rubbing against the fridge or a faulty water inlet valveCreate a 2-inch clearance around the refrigerator and replace the inlet valve if it’s faulty
10.Clicking Ice maker filling upWait for the icemaker to fill up with water 
11.Fluttering Compressor stopping at a specific temperatureNo action
12.VibrationAuger motor or compressor running or the ice maker is filling up (with water)Unleveled floor, understocking, misaligned door, loose parts, inadequate clearance, or faulty evaporator fan motorLevel the fridge on the ground, avoid understocking, realign the door, steady loose parts, create enough clearance around it, and replace the evaporator fan motor if faulty
13.Flapping Sound Broken or loose door gasketReplace the door gasket
14.Faint Noise Freezing temperatureDirty condenserAdjust the fridge temperature and clean the condenser
15.SquealingFaulty evaporator fan Replace the faulty fan 
16.WhirringNew fridge (lack of lubrication)Wait for the fridge to acclimate to the conditions

Why Does My Fridge Make Noise When Door Is Closed?

While one person may ask why their fridge makes a noise when the door closes, another may inquire why the noise stops when they open the fridge door. Well, the two questions are interrelated.

Under perfect conditions, Samsung fridges are designed to automatically turn off the evaporator fan as the compressor assumes standby mode when you open the door.

Thus, the fridge shouldn’t make any noise in such a case. But once you close the door, the evaporator fan, compressor, and other components resume their jobs almost immediately. 

Consequently, you’ll likely hear the fridge making some noise, ranging from snapping and clicking sounds to low grinding and soft buzz when the refrigerator is working just fine. 

But if the fridge has an issue, that’s when you start hearing strange sounds such as loud grinding, squeaking, and heavy thumping, among others. 

Let’s differentiate the refrigerator sounds next.

Why does my fridge make noise when door is closed

Is Your Samsung Fridge Making Noise When Door Is Closed? Here’s Why!

To answer the top question, we’ve to discuss the various fridge noises that Samsung fridges make and then decipher them as usual or strange.

Here are the most typical Samsung fridge noises:

1. Popping, Snapping, or Crackling Fridge Sound

During defrosting, the fridges’ plastic parts often produce a popping, snapping, or crackling sound. That’s normal, especially for a new Samsung fridge trying to acclimate to your home temperature and humidity. 

However, if the crackling is too loud, especially in an old fridge, that’s a concern. Such a noisy sound points to a faulty evaporator fan, which you’ll need to replace.

2. Humming/Buzzing Fridge Noise

A Samsung fridge will make a low buzz or soft hum when the compressor runs or the ice maker fill up. So, there’s nothing to do at such a time. 

However, if the fridge hums very loud, it could be because of:

  • An empty ice maker
  • Faulty icemaker
  • Malfunctioning compressor

So, in the case of a loud humming, check the ice maker’s water supply to ensure it’s connected. If it is, see if it works. If it does, consider replacing the compressor, mainly if the fridge doesn’t cool well.

3. Gurgling, Hissing, or Burbling Fridge Noise

When you close the fridge door, a gurgling, hissing, or burbling sound is normal. It shows the refrigerant is flowing or water is dripping. So, you don’t have to do anything.

4. Beeping/Chiming Fridge Noise

The fridge may make a beep or chime sound under two conditions:

  • When the temperature is too high (beep with blinking)
  • When the door is not shut well (beep with an alarm sound)

In the first case, adjust the fridge temperature to about 380F. Close the fridge door properly and lower the temperature to about 380F, and in the second case, close the fridge door well.

5. Whistling or Air Blowing Fridge Sound

It’s generally advisable to pull the fridge away from the wall at least by 2 inches. If not, the refrigerator will make a whistling or air-blowing sound. 

6. Thumping, Banging, Knocking, or Jackhammer Sound

A thumping, banging, knocking, or jackhammer fridge sound could be typical in some cases or an indication of a malfunction. 

Typically, the fridge will sound if there are unsteady items inside or when ice falls into the ice bucket. So, it’s not alarming.

It’s, however, alarming when the thumping is too loud, which could be due to:

  • Ice growth
  • Loose water pipes,
  • Damaged plastic parts
  • Bad ice maker

So, you may need to defrost your fridge, refit loose water pipes, or replace faulty plastic parts or ice maker, depending on the source of the problem.

7. Grinding Fridge Noise (Samsung Fridge Making Loud Noise When Door Is Closed)

A grinding noise can be soft and normal when the ice is dispensing. If it’s loud and not when dispensing ice, the reason could be:

  • The motor fan colliding with an ice growth or faulty
  • The water inlet valve is faulty

So, inspect the evaporator motor for ice obstruction and remove it. If that’s not it, test the water inlet valve for continuity with a multitester/multimeter. If it’s okay, replace the motor. 

fridge making noise when door closed

8. Squeaking Fridge Sound

The fridge door hinges will make a squeaking sound when they are dry or faulty. In the first case, lubricate them with food-grade silicone spray, and in the second case, replace them.

9. Rattling Fridge Noise

A rattling sound can be typical if it’s low-pitch. That happens mostly when a running compressor comes to a stop. However, if the rattling is too loud, it could be because:

  • Something is rubbing against the fridge’s outer side
  • Faulty water inlet valve

So, consider removing objects that touch the fridge. Create a 2-inch clearance. If that’s not it, test the water inlet valve with a multimeter and change it if it shows no continuity.

10. Clicking Fridge Noise

A clicking sound is typical when the ice maker fills up, just like a low buzz. So, there’s nothing to do here apart from waiting for the ice maker to fill up.

Other Reasons Samsung Fridge Making Noise When Closed

11. Fluttering Fridge Noise

Some Samsung units flutter when the compressor stops at a specific temperature. The noise is quite normal and so does not require any troubleshooting.

12. Vibration Fridge Noise

Samsung fridges make low-pitch vibrations during the regular running of the auger motor and compressor and when the ice maker fills up with water. So, that shouldn’t alarm you.

Nonetheless, if the vibration is too loud and shakily, consider these possibilities:

  • Unleveled floor
  • Misaligned door
  • Loose parts
  • Inadequate outside clearance
  • Faulty evaporator fan motor

Check out how to troubleshoot a Samsung fridge making a vibrating noise here.

13. Flapping Sound 

A flapping sound emanating from the fridge is concerning. Often, it indicates a loose or broken door seal/gasket. So, you may need to inspect the door seal and replace it if it’s slack or damaged.

14. Faint Noise

Sometimes Samsung fridge makes a fainting sound, similar to an object hitting another. Typically, that happens due to freezing temperatures, and in strange circumstances, it occurs when the condenser coils are too dirty.

So, you may need to adjust the fridge temperature to about 380F and if the noise doesn’t stop, clean the condenser coils, preferably with a fridge condenser cleaning brush.

Overall, consider making the condenser cleaning a routine as that will prevent the issue, among others, such as cooling issues.

Samsung refrigerator making noise when doors are closed

15. Squealing Fridge Sound

If the fan is faulty, your Samsung fridge will make a squealing noise. In such a case, the only real fix is to replace the defective fan, especially if it won’t turn. 

16. Whirring Fridge Sound (New Samsung Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed)

Lastly, it’s normal for new fridges to make a whirring sound. That happens because it’s not well lubricated, which occurs naturally. (Xanax) So, you may have to wait for some time and use the fridge until it sets in properly.

Closing Thought On Samsung Fridge Making Noise When Door Is Closed

As shared, Samsung fridges make all manner of noises, some pretty normal and others very strange. So, you ought to differentiate the two, and the above guide is tailored to help you achieve that. Consider it before making the service call!