Maytag Bravos MCT Washer Diagnostic Mode [4-Step Guide!]

One fantastic property that Maytag Bravos MCT washers relish is self-test, popularly known as the diagnostic mode. Through the Maytag Bravos MCT washer diagnostic mode, you can find faults and hidden errors in the machine and recalibrate it accordingly after a major fix.

Generally, you can put a Maytag Bravos MCT washer in a diagnostic mode by first placing the machine on standby. Then, you should turn the cycle selector knob clockwise three times, one click at a time, then counterclockwise once, and lastly clockwise in one click.

Once you enter the diagnostic modes, you can choose to calibrate the machine, find faults, and reset it, among other functions, which I’ll discuss in this post. What’s important is that you know how to do it yourself and can interpret the various error codes, which I’ll also share in this post.

I’ll also discuss the various fault codes and how you can exit the diagnostic mode. But first, let’s get straight into the diagnostic process!

Maytag Bravos MCT washer diagnostic mode

How to Get into the Maytag Bravos MCT Washer Diagnostic Mode

Here are four steps for putting your Maytag Bravos MCT washer in a self-test mode:

Step 1 – Put Your Washer in Standby Mode

Start by plugging your washer into the power but don’t switch on the indicators. That’s how you put it in standby mode.

Step 2 – Sequence A to C Reset

Locate the cycle-selector knob on the washer and turn it clockwise (to the right) three times, once click after another at a one-second interval.

Step 3 – Sequence D Reset

Turn the cycle selector knob left (counterclockwise) by one click and wait for a second before moving to step 4.

Step 4 – Sequence E Reset

Lastly, turn the cycle selector knob clockwise like in the first case but only once (one click). Doing so allows you to activate the self-test (diagnostic mode)

maytag bravos mct washer reset

Types of Maytag Bravos MCT Washer Diagnostic Modes

Once you start the diagnostic function, you’ll have at least these diagnostic functions:

  • Manual diagnostic
  • Automatic diagnostic
  • Calibration diagnostic
  • User interface (UI) diagnostic
  • Error code (fault display) diagnostic mode

Note that all these diagnostic functions allow you to achieve different results. To understand what I mean, let me discuss them briefly next.

1. Manual Diagnostic Mode

The manual diagnostic mode puts all the machine’s output off to allow you to test them individually. You can then use the cycle-selector knob to pick the output you would prefer to test.

Note that you can use the start button to activate or deactivate the output you choose to test.

2. Automatic Diagnostic Mode

An automatic diagnostic mode allows the washer to check if the essential functions are fine. You can quickly turn to the automatic mode by turning the knob until all its LED indicators glow for about 5 seconds. After that, you can select ‘start’ to initiate the automatic self-test.

3. Calibration Diagnostic Mode

The calibration mode comes in handy after replacing any washer’s main components. That includes the main control, capacitor, drive assembly, basket, and suspension.

Overall, calibrating your washer prevents it from poor washing. It’s essential overall to remember these tips when calibrating your Maytag Bravos MTC washer:

  • Empty the basket before starting the self-calibration
  • Put the lid down when running the self-calibration 
  • Don’t disturb your washing machine, unplug it, or interrupt the self-test

4. User-Interface (UI) Diagnostic Mode

The UI diagnostic mode tests the condition of the machine’s user interface. You can know if the user interface is working or just faulty.

5. Error Code Diagnostic Mode

As the name suggests, switching to this mode allows you to identify the various errors and faults of the washer. You can read the error code to interpret what it means. Thus it’s advisable to research the error that your washer displays so that you can know how to fix the machine or what to replace.

Below is a table showing the commonest Maytag Bravos MCT washer codes, the interpretation, and quick fixes.

Maytag Washer Diagnostic Codes

Error CodeInterpretationDIY Fix
F0E2Excess suds due to using excess detergent or non-HE (high-efficiency) detergentsAvoid non-HE detergents. Only use HE detergents in reduced amounts
F0E4Rinsing with high-temperature water, primarily due to a defective thermostatEnsure the thermostat is working properly
F1E1Failure in the washer’s central controlCheck the main control connections for faults  and replace the main control board if it’s faulty
F1E2Fault in the motor controlCheck the main control connections for faults  and replace the main control board if it’s faulty
F0E5Uneven laundry loadRedistribute the laundry evenly
F2E1Stuck key(s)Replace the user interface (UI) digital control
F3E1Water-level pressure fault  due to a defective pressure sensor or hoseReplace the central control if nothing is wrong with the pressure sensor or hose.
F5E1Defective lid switchReplace the lid switch
F3E2Error in the inlet’s water temperatureCheck the resistance of the thermistor circuit. It should be 50,000ohms room temperature. If not, replace the thermistor
F5E2Faulty lid lockReplace the lid lock
F5E3Error in lead unlockManually unlock the lid or replace the lid lock
F7E1Faulty basket speed sensorCheck the wire connections and replace the shifter assembly if the wire connections are okay
F7E5Faulty shifter assemblyCheck for wiring issues, and if none, replace the shifter assembly
F7E6Faulty motorReplace the motor
F9E1Washer taking too long to drain due to possible cloggingClear clog from the drain pump and drain hose
F8E5Cold and hot water hoses are reversedCheck the connections of the fill hoses and temperature sensor. Replace the sensor if faulty
F8E1The washer is not filling or taking too long to do itCheck your water supply and replace the water inlet valve if it is defective
F8E3Washer is overfillingReplace the water inlet valve

How to Exit the Maytag Bravos MCT Washer Diagnostic Mode

After entering the diagnostic mode, you should know how to exit it. Usually, this process is straightforward as you only need to press ‘power,’ and that’s it.

But still, you can exist the diagnostic mode automatically if you unplug the machine’s power cable and the machine stays inactive for 5 minutes.

maytag washer diagnostic codes

Maytag Bravos MCT Washer Reset

Generally, it’s advisable to reset your Maytag Bravos MCT washer due to a power issue, error code, stuck cycle, or any other major anomaly.

Here are your options:

1. Power Disconnect

This is irrefutably the easiest way to rest your Maytag Bravos MCT washing machine, only that it doesn’t work on all faults. You need to unplug the washer from the power source and wait for about 10 minutes before plugging it back.

Ensure you switch the machine off from the control panel first before unplugging it.

2. ‘Pause/Cancel-Start/Pause’ Press

You can reset your MCT washer by pressing pause or cancel on the machine and then selecting the correct cycle. Lastly, press ‘start’ or ‘pause’ to reboot the machine.

This approach effectively clears the error code and is effective when dealing with a stuck cycle. Doing so will prevent your washing machine from developing a major fault or breaking down.

3. The Expert Approach

While the above two approaches may work on different errors, they aren’t 100% effective against error codes. If you want to clear just about anything, you have to do everything the expert way by following these steps:

  • Rotate the cycle-selector knob anticlockwise in one click
  • Turn the cycle-selector clockwise three clicks and one-click anticlockwise
  • Rotate the knob clockwise in one click and watch out for all the LED lights to blink
  • Continue turning the knob until the rinse button lights up
  • Press the start button to start the recalibration

People Also Ask

1. How Do You Put a Maytag Bravos MCT Washing Machine in Diagnostic Mode?

You can put your Maytag Bravos MCT washer in a diagnostic mode by first putting it on standby mode and then turning the cycle-selector clockwise three times, counterclockwise once, and clockwise again; in one click each time and a one-second interval between the clicks.

2. How Do You Reset a Maytag Bravos MCT Washer?

You can reset a Maytag Bravos MCT washer by unplugging it from the power source and waiting 5 minutes before plugging it back. Alternatively, you can press pause or cancel to select to initiate the washer reset and then start or pause to complete the reset.

3. How Do I Find the Error Code On My Maytag Bravos Washer?

You can find the error code on your Maytag Bravos MCT washer by entering the diagnostic mode and opting for the error code diagnostic. The diagnostic function will point out the faults to enable you to fix them.

Closing Remarks On the Maytag Bravos MCT Washer Diagnostic Mode!

Now you know what it takes to set your Maytag Bravos MCT washer in a diagnostic mode. Overall, such knowledge helps you identify faults on your machine, which you can fix, recalibrate the washing machine when necessary, or even restart it.

So, refer to this guide if you have a faulty Maytag Bravos MCT washer or an option that often breaks down.

4. Why is my Bravos XL MCT washer not spinning?

There are several possible reasons why your Bravos XL MCT washer may not be spinning. Firstly, it could be due to a lack of power reaching the washer. It is important to ensure that the washer is properly plugged in and that the power source is functioning correctly.

Another possible cause could be an excessive or uneven load. When the washer is overloaded with too many clothes or if the items inside are not distributed evenly, the spin cycle may not engage properly. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the maximum load capacity and distribute the items evenly inside the washer.

Excessive suds can also disrupt the spinning mechanism. If you have used too much laundry detergent or a high-sudsing detergent, it can create excessive foam and prevent proper spinning. Consider adjusting the detergent amount or switching to a low-sudsing detergent.

Lastly, if the wastewater cannot drain away, it can hinder the spinning function. Check for any clogs or obstructions in the drain hose or filter. Cleaning or unclogging these areas should allow the water to drain properly and enable the washer to spin.

By addressing these potential issues – power supply, load distribution, suds, and drainage – you should be able to resolve the problem of your Bravos XL MCT washer not spinning.

5. How can I tell if I have successfully entered the diagnostic mode?

To determine if you have successfully entered the diagnostic mode, pay close attention to the LED indicators on the washer. When in diagnostic mode, all the LEDs (except for the lid lock LED) should flash consistently every few seconds. If you do not observe this flashing pattern, it is recommended to repeat the diagnostic procedure at least once to ensure accuracy.

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