11 Reasons A Maytag Bravos Washer Won’t Spin (Solved!)

Maytag Bravos washers are known for their fantastic performance. These washing machines rarely let you down when running. Sadly, sometimes a Maytag Bravos washer won’t spin, and you wonder why.

A Maytag Bravos washer won’t spin due to a wrong setting, poor drainage, unbalanced or overloaded load, power failure, or a defective lid switch. Other reasons include a faulty drive belt or transmission clutch, bad actuator switch or door latch, worn-out basket-drive hub kit, or damaged motor coupling.

Overall, there are many angles to look at, and one of them is why your Maytag Bravos washer won’t spin. I’ll help you understand these causes and their fixes so that you can tackle them by yourself at home. You’ll also discover how best to prevent the problem early in the process.

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maytag bravos washer won't spin

Why Your Maytag Bravos Washer Won’t Spin

Below is a table summary of 11 reasons your Maytag washing machine won’t spin (plus their respective fixes).

 Probable CauseFix
1.Wrong washer settingSelect the right spin/wash setting
2.Poor drainageRemove the source of the drain blockage
3.Unbalanced/overloaded laundryRearrange the laundry and don’t overload
4.Power failurePlug in the power cord properly and restart the washer
5.Defective lid switchReplace the faulty lid switch
6.Faulty drive beltTighten the loose belt and replace the broken/frayed option
7.Failed transmission clutchTake the washer to an expert for clutch replacement
8.Bad actuator switchTest the switch for continuity using a multimeter and replace it if faulty
9.Worn out basket-drive hub kitReplace the basket-drive hub kit
10.Bad door latchTest the door hatch for continuity and replace it if faulty
11.Damaged motor couplingReplace the motor coupling

Reasons Your Maytag Bravos Washing Machine Won’t Spin

Below are 11 reasons your Maytag Bravo washing machine won’t spin:

1. Wrong Maytag Bravos Washer Spin or Wash Setting

If you don’t select the right spin or wash setting, your Maytag Bravos washing machine won’t spin.

Remember, the hand wash setting is best for stuff like baby clothes, while a bulky cycle is best for bulk clothing. If you interchange them, then there’s the chance that the washer won’t spin.

The other mistake that some people make is not using the ‘add garment’ function. You should only add clothes when the add garments indicator comes on. You limit the machine’s washing potential if you don’t, and it’s likely to stop spinning.

Last but not least, you could have selected no spin or low spin. In the latter case, you may not see the washer spinning even though it is doing so, and in the former, there is no activity.

Remember, a low spin cycle translates to low water removal, while a high spin cycle translates to high water removal.


You must select the correct wash and spin setting for your Maytag washer. Start first with the wash cycle and then go to the spin speed.

The spin speed dictates the amount of water the machine will remove from the load. So, to draw more water from your load, you need to pick drain & spin and not no-spin or low spin.

Additionally, don’t add laundry unless the ‘add garment’ indicator flashes on the control panel. While at it, match your clothes with the correct wash cycle.

2. Poor Drainage

Are you wondering why your Maytag front load washer won’t spin? Start by checking its drains for blockages. Overall, there are so many angles to look at when it comes to poor drainage, including the following:

a) Standing Water in The Tub

If the drain hose was not correctly installed and didn’t fit securely with the standpipe, there will likely be some standing water in the tub. And if the waste water doesn’t drain, your tub won’t spin.


Check your drain hose for correct installation. Ensure the standpipe height is about 39 – 96″.

b) Clogged Drain Filter

The drain filter filters the water that goes to the drain. If it’s clogged, water won’t drain, which means the tub won’t spin.


If it has been over six months since you replaced your drain filter, it’s likely to be clogged, so you should replace it. But if it’s only a few months old, clean it under running water.

c) Malfunctioning Drain Pump

The drain pump could also be the problem if it’s malfunctioning. A malfunctioning draining pump means that the washers wastewater won’t drain away, affecting the spinning.


Use a multimeter to check for the pump’s continuity. If there’s no continuity, the drain pump is faulty and thus needs a replacement.

maytag washer drains but won't spin

d) Kinked or Clogged Drainage Hose

If the drainage hose is kinked, probably because of putting the washer too close to the wall and twisting it, the washing machine may not spin. Likewise, if the hose has some clogging, it can prevent the washing machine from turning.


Move the washer away from the wall to untwist the hose. Disconnect the drain hose and insert a straightened wire hanger through it to unclog it before reconnecting it.

3. Unbalanced or Overloaded Laundry

So, your Maytag Washer drains but won’t spin? Since the issue is not the drainage, you’ve to look at your load. If the load is not well spread or the tub is overfilled, your washer won’t spin.


Rearrange your laundry correctly to ensure it’s uniform in the tub. While at it, avoid overloading the tub. The tub should only be ¾ full. More importantly, avoid heavy washing like carpets and mats.

4. Power Failure

If there is a power failure while the washer is spinning, the machine might have a problem picking up from the last spin when the power comes back. The other issue is that you might not have plugged the washer correctly into the power source, or perhaps you are using an extension cord.


You may need to reset the Maytag Bravos washer after a power failure. But if there was no power failure, you should check if the plug is plugged in correctly and plug directly into the wall socket.

5. Defective Lid Switch 

If you have a top load Maytag washer and wonder why it doesn’t spin, you should inspect the lid switch. While the lid switch deters the washing machine from rotating when you open the lid, it should do that when you close it.

The latter case means that the lid switch is faulty and needs a replacement.


Look at the lid switch keenly to see if it’s broken. You can also listen to the sound it produces when you shut the washer. If it’s a clicking sound, it makes when you shut the washer. If it’s a clicking sound, the lid switch is faulty, requiring a replacement.

why won't my maytag bravos washer spin

6. Faulty Drive Belt

This is another problem common with top load washers. If the drive belt is either broken, frayed or loose, the washer won’t spin. And if it manages to turn, it will most likely make some noise.


Remove the washer’s back panel to identify the drive belt. Then tighten the belt if it’s loose but if it’s broken or frayed, replace it.

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7. Failed Transmission Clutch

The transmission clutch enables your washing machine to spin at a suitable speed. If it’s old, it’s likely to fail in its job, which means the washer won’t spin.


Unfortunately, for a failed transmission clutch, there is no DIY fix. You’ve to take it to an expert who can help you replace it.

8. Bad Actuator Switch 

The actuator switch is responsible for switching between the agitation and spin cycles. So, it controls the spinning, meaning you’ve to check its condition.

In most cases, the actuator switch wears out when you use the washer for a long time. But still, conditions like excess moisture can damage it, rendering it faulty.


Access the washer’s rear panel to remove the transmission and motor. That allows you to access the actuator switch.

Test for its continuity using a multimeter and if there’s no continuity, replace the actuator switch as it’s faulty.

9. Workout Basket-Drive Hub Kit

The basket-drive hub kit, which you find under the washer’s agitator, transfers energy following the turn of the transmission shaft. Sadly, the drive hub wears down after using the washer for a long time.


If the basket drive hub is old, which you can tell from the observation, you should replace it. Start by removing the agitator in the tub to locate the drive hub kit. Unscrew the hub kit and slide in the replacement.

why maytag washer will not spin

10.  Bad Door Latch 

The door latch is what shuts the washer door when running. It prevents your Maytag washer from running without closing the door.

So, if it’s faulty, the washing machine may either run uncontrollably or may not spin at all.


Consider testing the condition of the door latch with a digital multimeter. If the latch doesn’t show any continuity, it’s defective, so you should replace it. Hold the multimeter probes on both sides of the latch when testing for continuity.

11. Damaged Motor Coupling

A motor coupling connects the motor and the transmission to enable the power to reach the washing machine drum. Over time, the motor coupling wears, but this usually is avoidable without overloading the tub.


The motor coupling might be damaged if your washer makes some grinding or vibrating sound when powered on without spinning. In that case, you should consider replacing it.

People Also Ask

1. What Causes a Maytag Washing Machine Not to Spin?

A Maytag washing machine won’t spin if you use the wrong setting or fail to unclog the drain or if one major component is faulty – including the actuator switch, door latch, motor coupling, transmission clutch, and drive belt.

2. Why Is My Bravos Washer Not Spinning?

Your Bravos washer is not spinning because one of the components is faulty. The components to check to include the lid switch, drive belt, motor coupling, actuator switch and transmission clutch. It could also be that you are using the wrong setting or due to drain clogging.

3. Why Won’t My Maytag Washer Drain and Spin?

If there’s a significant blockage in the washer’s drain hoses or filter, the washer will fail to drain and not spin. Also, check for a faulty drain pump.

Closing Remarks On Maytag Bravos Washer Won’t Spin!

Generally, your Maytag Bravos washer doesn’t spin because of a malfunction. You must check the washer setting, lid switch, drive belt, transmission clutch, actuator switch, basket drive hub kit, door latch and motor coupling.

One of these components might be faulty. Don’t forget to unclog the drain and reset your washer following an error code.

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