4 Easy Maytag Neptune Dryer Reset Techniques To Try Out!

There are several instances when a Maytag Neptune dryer reset may be necessary. Whether it’s to clear an error code, restart the dryer when it suddenly shuts down, or after making settings change, you can always reset it, at least before attempting any detailed repair.

You can perform a Cycle Reset (select Power/Cancel twice + New Cycle + Start/Pause), Factory Reset (run the Restore Factory setting), or Breaker Reset (flip the breaker on and off) to reset a Maytag Neptune dryer. Alternatively, run a Full Reset (unplug the dryer for 30 minutes). 

So, there are four easy ways to reset your Maytag Neptune dryer. Note, however, that the four reset methods are not the same. They address different issues, and you must know why you reset your dryer.  

I’ll discuss the four to answer that concern but first, let me describe the scenarios when you should consider resetting your Neptune dryer. 

Maytag Neptune dryer reset

In a rush? Below is an overview of the four reset techniques for the Maytag Neptune dryer. 

Maytag Neptune Dryer Reset Techniques Overview 

Reset Technique Preference How To Do It
1.Cycle Reset To start a new cycle or modify an existing one or clear an error code Select Power/Cancel twice + New Cycle + Start/Pause 
2.Factory Reset After making settings changes or when reversing to default settings Connect to Wi-Fi and run the Restore Factory setting
3.Breaker Reset After a power failure or when the dryer won’t start or is malfunctioningFlip the circuit breaker off and on 
4.Full Reset Every other issue (unexpected) shut down, non-running, motor, non-heating or non-drying dryers, etcetera.Unplug the dryer for at least 30 minutes 

When Is the Maytag Neptune Dryer Reset Necessary? 

Though a reset is not a magical formula for fixing all dryer issues affecting your Maytag Neptune, it’s highly recommendable, especially before a major repair or service call. 

In particular, you should first reset your dryer in the following scenarios:

  • After modifying a dryer setting – When it comes to changing a dryer’s setting or stopping or altering an existing one, a reset is necessary. In particular, you should perform the Cycle Reset shared below. 
  • When you want to clear an error code – A cycle reset is also necessary to remove an error code. Though it doesn’t clear all error codes, it’s likely to clear a majority. 
  • After making significant setting changes – You may want to return to the dryer’s initial settings after making some big changes. That will require you to revert to the dryer’s factory settings. 
  • When reversing to default settings – Sometimes you may prefer to switch to the dryer’s default setting not because of a significant setting change but to use the dryer in its factory setting. 
  • After a power failure – The dryer is likely to shut down after a power failure and may not restart until you reset it. In this case, a breaker reset may be necessary. 
  • When the dryer won’t start but has power – If your dryer has power but won’t start and you don’t know why, it’s a good idea to reset it. Chances are that it will start and run after the reset. 
  • When the dryer starts to malfunction – Sometimes, the Neptune dryer may malfunction. For example, it may stop mid-cycle, fail to run, or blow hot air. If so, then consider resetting it. 

More Reasons

  • After an unexpected shutdown – If the dryer unexpectedly shuts down, perhaps not because of a power failure, you can try restarting it by resetting it. 
  • When the motor doesn’t run despite the dryer being on – While you expect the motor to run when the dryer powers on, sometimes it won’t. If so, it may help to try and reset the Neptune dryer first. 
  • When the dryer doesn’t heat despite being on – If your dryer has power but won’t get hot, you can try resetting it. Though there could be an underlying reason, such as a blocked vent or filter screen, reset the dryer first. 
  • When the dryer takes longer to dry or won’t dry – At times, the Neptune dryer takes too long to dry the clothes or may fail to do so entirely. If so, try resetting it before considering other possibilities. 
  • When the dryer leaves clothes wet – You can also reset the Neptune dryer when it doesn’t get completely dry clothes. That, however, does not rule out an underlying reason behind the wet clothes. 
Maytag Neptune dryer reset button

How Do You Reset a Maytag Neptune Dryer?

As hinted earlier, there are four simple ways to reset a Maytag Neptune dryer. These methods are as follows: 

1. Cycle Reset (Maytag Neptune Dryer Reset Code)

Generally, the Cycle Reset technique is best when you want to reset a code or when you want to start a new cycle or alter an existing one. The reset technique involves these three steps:

  • Select ‘Power/Cancel’ while the dryer is on to cancel a current cycle 
  • Choose a preferred ‘New Cycle’ and make any modifications you may want
  • Press ‘Start’ to run the New Cycle 

2. Factory Reset 

A Factory Reset is vital after making significant setting changes or when you want to return to the dryer’s default setting. 

You need a Wi-Fi connection to complete a factory reset. Just use your dryer manual to run Factory Reset. 

3. Breaker Reset 

The ‘Breaker Reset’ is best after a power failure that causes the dryer to shut down. Additionally, you can apply the reset technique when the dryer won’t start or when it starts to malfunction. 

So, you can try this reset technique on most Neptune dryer issues. You need to find the circuit breaker, trip it off (if it was on), and then on. 

Remember, however, that the Maytag dryer uses a set of two circuit breakers like the fuses. So, you may need to reset both breakers. 

4. Full Reset 

Lastly, the Full Reset technique can handle nearly every other dryer problem. So, if the problem is not caused by a failed component (that needs replacing) or a significant anomaly, you can try a Full Reset. That includes:

  • When the Neptune dryer won’t heat
  • When the dryer won’t dry 
  • An unexpected shutdown 
  • When the motor won’t run
  • When an error code won’t reset after a Cycle Reset and many other issues

Overall, the Full Reset technique involves disconnecting (pulling out) the dryer from the power outlet and waiting for 30 minutes at the very least. 

Once you plug the dryer back and restore its power, it should work fine. If it doesn’t, go ahead and troubleshoot the dryer, as there could be an underlying issue that needs fixing. 

Maytag Neptune dryer reset code

People Also Ask 

1. But Is There a Reset Button On a Maytag Neptune Dryer?

Unfortunately no, there’s no dedicated Maytag Neptune dryer reset button. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot restart the dryer. You can do it by unplugging the dryer, flipping its breaker, or pressing Power/Cancel and running a New Cycle. 

2. How Can I Reset a Maytag Neptune Dryer?

Maytag Neptune dryers allow you to reset them by disconnecting them from the power supply for up to 30 minutes. You can do that by unplugging the dryer or flipping its circuit breaker on, then off.

Alternatively, you can run the Factory Reset to get the dryer back to its default setting or the Cycle Reset (press Power/Cancel and then run a New Cycle).

3. Why Is My Maytag Neptune Dryer Not Drying?

If your Maytag Neptune dryer is not drying, it’s highly likely because of a blocked lint filter or dryer vent. It could also be that there is no heat (the dryer is off), or the clothes are soaking wet or too bulky.

Moreover, the heating element could be faulty. But overall, the most typical reason your Neptune dryer won’t dry is that it doesn’t get hot, and the two (heating and drying) are inseparable.

4. How Long Does a Maytag Neptune Dryer Last?

Maytag dryers come with a 10-year limited parts warranty, which is pretty impressive. So, you can expect the dryer to last you that long with good usage and maintenance.

They recommend upgrading the dryer by then (after ten years), even if it’s in good condition. The reason is that the dryer will be less advanced by then, given that the manufacturer constantly unveils newer designs.

5. Why Is My Maytag Neptune Dryer Not Starting?

A Maytag Neptune dryer won’t start for different reasons. Among them are a faulty start button, lack of power, locked controls (or child lock), or the wrong setting. Once there is an issue with the five, the Neptune dryer won’t start.

Don’t forget to check the dryer door switch, drive belt, or motor, as any of them could be faulty, thus preventing the dryer from starting. If any of them is defective, a replacement is necessary.

How do you test the start button on a Maytag dryer?

To test the start button on a Maytag dryer, there are a few simple steps you can follow:

1. Visual Inspection: Start by visually inspecting the start button for any visible signs of breakage or damage. Look for any cracks, loose connections, or noticeable wear and tear. If you notice any issues during this visual inspection, it is likely that the start button is faulty.

2. Multimeter Testing: If you do not see any visible damage, the next step is to use a multimeter to test the continuity of the start button. A multimeter is a handy tool that measures electrical voltage, current, and resistance.

a. Set up the multimeter: Turn on your multimeter and set it to the continuity or resistance mode. Consult the user manual of your specific multimeter model if you are unsure how to do this.

b. Disconnect the power: For safety reasons, make sure to unplug the Maytag dryer from the power source before continuing with the test.

c. Access the start button: Depending on the Maytag dryer model, you may need to remove the control panel or the front panel to access the start button. Refer to the user manual or online resources for instructions on how to access the start button for your specific model.

d. Test for continuity: Once you have accessed the start button, touch the multimeter probes to the terminals of the button to test for continuity. If the start button has continuity, it means the electrical circuit is complete, indicating that the button is working correctly. On the other hand, if there is no continuity, it suggests that the start button is defective and needs to be replaced.

e. Long press test: It is important to note that some start buttons require a longer press to function properly. Press and hold the start button for at least 3 seconds to allow it enough time to engage the dryer into running. If the dryer does not start after this longer press, it may indicate a faulty start button.

By following these steps of visual inspection and multimeter testing, you can determine whether the start button on your Maytag dryer is functioning correctly or if it needs to be replaced.

Why does my Maytag dryer click but won’t start?

There are several possible reasons why your Maytag dryer might click but fail to start. One common cause is a power fault within the appliance. In such cases, the dryer is essentially signaling to you that you should investigate the thermal fuse, as it could be the source of the problem. In order to determine if the thermal fuse is faulty, it is recommended to perform a continuity test on it. This test will help to determine if there is a continuous flow of electrical current through the fuse, indicating that it is functioning properly. If there is no continuity detected, it is a clear indication that the thermal fuse is not working and should be replaced. Therefore, the lack of continuity in the thermal fuse is often the reason why your Maytag dryer clicks but does not start.

Where is the reset button on a Maytag dryer?

The reset button on a Maytag dryer is not available on most models, but it can be found on a few specific models. Generally, Maytag dryers do not have a dedicated reset button. In those cases where a reset button is present, it can typically be located on the control panel. If you are unsure about the location or existence of a reset button on your Maytag dryer, it’s recommended to consult the troubleshooting manual for additional guidance.

How do you start a Maytag Neptune dryer?

What is the consequence of not holding down the start switch for a few seconds?
If the start switch is not held down for a few seconds, the dryer might not start.

What should be done if the dryer only tapped the start switch and didn’t start?
If the dryer only tapped the start switch and didn’t start, it is necessary to hold it down for a few seconds to engage it.

How long should the start switch be held down?
The start switch should be held down for 3-5 seconds to engage it properly.

Should the wall switch be turned on before pressing the start switch on the dryer?
Yes, the wall switch should be turned on before pressing the start switch on the dryer.

Where should the Maytag Neptune dryer be plugged in?
The Maytag Neptune dryer should be firmly plugged into the wall socket, not the power extension cord.

Starting a Maytag Neptune dryer can be a straightforward process if you follow the right steps. Here are four methods to reset your dryer and get it up and running:

1. Cycle Reset (Maytag Neptune Dryer Reset Code):
The Cycle Reset technique is useful when you need to cancel a current cycle, start a new one, or make modifications to an existing cycle. To do this:
– While the dryer is on, select ‘Power/Cancel’ to cancel the current cycle.
– Choose your preferred ‘New Cycle’ and make any necessary adjustments.
– Press ‘Start’ to initiate the new cycle.

2. Factory Reset:
Performing a Factory Reset is essential after making significant setting changes or when you want to restore the dryer to its default settings. To complete a Factory Reset, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection. Simply refer to your dryer manual for instructions on how to run a Factory Reset.

3. Breaker Reset:
The ‘Breaker Reset’ method is handy in situations where a power failure causes the dryer to shut down or when the dryer malfunctions or fails to start. You can try this reset technique to resolve most Neptune dryer issues. Follow these steps:
– Locate the circuit breaker and check if it is tripped or turned off.
– If it is off, switch it back on.
– It’s important to note that Maytag dryers use a pair of circuit breakers, similar to fuses. So, make sure to reset both breakers if necessary.

4. Full Reset:
For almost any other dryer problem that is not caused by a faulty component or a major anomaly, a Full Reset can often resolve the issue. This includes problems such as the dryer not heating, not drying, unexpected shutdowns, the motor not running, or when an error code persists even after a Cycle Reset. Here’s how to perform a Full Reset:
– Disconnect (pull out) the dryer from the power outlet.
– Wait for at least 30 minutes to allow any residual power to drain.
– Plug the dryer back in and restore power.
– Once the power is restored, the dryer should work properly. However, if the issue persists, you may need to troubleshoot further for underlying problems that require repairs.

By following these four methods, you can effectively start and reset your Maytag Neptune dryer, ensuring its optimal performance.

When should you reset a Maytag Neptune dryer?

What are the instances when a dryer reset is advisable?
A dryer reset is advisable in the following instances:

How do you view and clear error codes on a Maytag Neptune dryer?
To view and clear error codes on a Maytag Neptune dryer, follow these steps:

How do you put a Maytag Neptune dryer on diagnostic mode?
To put a Maytag Neptune dryer on diagnostic mode, follow these steps:

“When should you reset a Maytag Neptune dryer? There are several situations where a reset is advised:

1. After modifying a dryer setting: Whenever you make changes to the dryer’s settings or need to stop or alter an existing setting, performing a reset is necessary. To do this, follow the Cycle Reset method described below.

2. When you want to clear an error code: A reset is also recommended to remove an error code. While it may not clear all error codes, performing a cycle reset is likely to clear the majority of them.

3. After making significant setting changes: If you’ve made significant changes to the dryer’s settings and want to return to the initial settings, a reset is necessary. This will allow you to revert to the factory settings of the dryer.

4. When reversing to default settings: Sometimes, you may simply prefer to switch back to the dryer’s default settings, not because of any significant changes, but to utilize the dryer in its original factory setting.

5. After a power failure: Following a power failure, the dryer may shut down and not restart until you perform a reset. In this case, a breaker reset may be necessary.

6. When the dryer won’t start but has power: If your dryer has power but refuses to start, and you’re unsure of the reason, performing a reset is a good idea. It’s possible that the reset will resolve the issue and allow the dryer to start and run normally.

7. When the dryer starts to malfunction: Occasionally, the Neptune dryer may experience malfunctions such as stopping mid-cycle, failing to run, or blowing hot air unexpectedly. If you encounter any of these issues, consider performing a reset to see if it resolves the problem.

8. After an unexpected shutdown: If the dryer shuts down unexpectedly, not due to a power failure, you can attempt to restart it by performing a reset.

9. When the motor doesn’t run despite the dryer being on: While the motor should run when the dryer is powered on, there may be instances where it fails to do so. In these cases, performing a reset on the Neptune dryer could be helpful.

10. When the dryer doesn’t heat despite being on: If your dryer has power but isn’t generating heat, performing a reset is worth trying. While there may be other underlying reasons, such as a blocked vent or filter screen, performing a reset can be an initial troubleshooting step.

11. When the dryer takes longer to dry or won’t dry: Occasionally, the Neptune dryer may take an excessive amount of time to dry clothes or fail to dry them entirely. If you encounter these issues, performing a reset before considering other possibilities is recommended.

12. When the dryer leaves clothes wet: If the Neptune dryer doesn’t fully dry clothes, a reset can be attempted. However, it’s important to note that there may be underlying reasons for damp clothes beyond the need for a reset.

By being aware of these scenarios and following the appropriate reset procedures, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve common issues with your Maytag Neptune dryer.”

Closing Remarks On Maytag Neptune Dryer Reset:

Above are the four ways to reset your Maytag Neptune dryer. Consider them when your dryer malfunctions, won’t run, displays an error code, or any other issue I’ve shared. 

That should at least come before making a service call or considering a major part replacement.  

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