6 Reasons a Maytag Neptune Dryer Won’t Start (Fixed!)

Arguably Maytag’s most multifunctional dryer, the Neptune dryer is everything you need for your laundry needs. But what if your Maytag Neptune dryer won’t start? What could cause that, and how do you fix it?

Your Maytag Neptune dryer won’t start because of a non-engaging start button, failed incoming power, a non-closing door, the wrong setting, or a non-responsive control panel. However, you cannot overlook a malfunctioning motor, belt, timer, or control board. 

Those are the issues to consider when your Maytag Neptune dryer won’t run, and once you identify the cause, go ahead and troubleshoot it. 

To make troubleshooting seamless for you, I’ll discuss those six causes and their respective fixes. Hopefully, that’ll give you the basics of troubleshooting your Neptune dryer DIY. 

You get to avoid a service call in most cases, and more importantly, you save money. However, if the troubleshooting involves a significant repair or technical replacement, you can contact a dryer expert. 

Let’s get into it!

Maytag Neptune dryer won't start

In a rush? See a quick troubleshooting guide for your non-starting Maytag Neptune dryer in the table below.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for A Maytag Neptune Dryer That Won’t Start

 Likely CauseFix
1.Non-Engaging Start Button (Start button only tapped or it’s faulty)Hold down the start switch for 2-5 seconds and if it’s defective (lacks continuity), replace it
2.Failed Incoming Power (tripped breaker, unplugged or faulty power plug, blown-up fuse, faulty outlet or extension cord)Reset the circuit breaker, properly plug in the power cord or replace it if it’s faulty. Also, replace a blown-up fuse or faulty outlet and avoid an extension (plug into the wall outlet)
3.Non-Closing Dryer Door (trapped laundry or faulty door switch)Remove any trapped laundry and replace the door switch if it’s defective (lacks continuity)
4.Wrong Setting (Control Lock or Wrinkle Shield)Disable the Control Lock function or Wrinkle Shield as they delay the dryer from starting.
5.Non-Responsive Control Panel (wet or scratched panel)Avoid touching the control panel with wet hands or scratching it with the fingernails
6.Failed Component (motor, belt, timer, or control board)Replace the failed component. A dryer expert can help you here

Why The Maytag Neptune Dryer Won’t Start and Its Troubleshooting

Below are six reasons a Maytag Neptune dryer may fail to start and what to do to get it running.

1. Non-Engaging Start Button

According to Maytag, you should hold the start-to-hold or start button for 2 -5 seconds to power it on. You cannot just tap or touch the start button superficially and expect it to start. 

The other issue is that the dryer won’t start if the start button is not working – it’s faulty. The easiest way to tell that is to test its electrical continuity with a multimeter. If the switch won’t show continuity, that confirms it’s faulty.


Hold the hold-to-start button for 2 – 5 seconds to see if the Neptune dryer will start. If it doesn’t, consider testing the switch with a multimeter. If it lacks continuity, replace it. 

2. Failed Incoming Power 

Your Neptune dryer won’t start without power. If there’s a disruption, the dryer won’t power on. ( Overall, here are the issues that could cut the dryer’s electric power supply:

  • Tripped breaker – The circuit breaker typically trips (falls off) during a power surge or spike. When it does, it cuts the power supply to save the dryer. In the long run, that prevents the Neptune dryer from starting. 
  • Unplugged or faulty power cord – You may have forgotten to plug in the dryer or accidentally knocked it off the socket. Or, the power cord itself could be defective (if it has no continuity). All those will prevent the dryer from starting. 
  • Blown-up fuse – The thermal fuse will blow up if the breaker doesn’t trip during a power spike. When it does, your dryer won’t get sufficient power to run. 
  • Faulty outlet – The dryer won’t power up if the electric outlet is defective. To confirm that, plug in another appliance to see if it powers on or test the outlet with a multimeter. If it lacks continuity, it’s defective.
  • Extension cord – Unfortunately, extension cords are not good with dryers. They prevent dryers from getting adequate power, making them less likely to start. 


Reset the circuit breaker if it’s off. Correctly plug in the power cord and replace it if it’s faulty (it has no continuity). Replace a blown-up fuse and electric outlet if either has no continuity.

Meanwhile, plug into the wall outlet and not into the extension. 

my Maytag Neptune dryer won't start

3. Non-Closing Dryer Door

The Neptune dryer won’t start once it senses that the door is not shut correctly. Overall, there are two issues to explain other than failing to press the door firmly. They are:

  • Trapped laundry – If the dryer door catches some clothes, the door won’t shut properly, preventing the dryer from starting.
  • Faulty door switch – Sometimes, the dryer door won’t close, not because of an obstruction but because of a defective door switch. You can know if the door switch is faulty if it won’t show continuity on a multimeter.


Inspect the dryer door for any trapped clothes and remove them. And if there’s none and the door won’t close properly, test the door switch with a multimeter. If the button has no continuity, replace it. 

4. Wrong Setting 

Using the wrong setting could be why your Neptune dryer won’t start. It’s essential to check that. That includes these two settings:

  • Control Lock – The ‘Control Lock’ function locks the dryer’s control panel, preventing the dryer from starting.
  • Wrinkle Reduction – The ‘Wrinkle Reduction’ setting delays the dryer from starting immediately. It may take a few minutes of waiting before the dryer runs. 


If the ‘Control Lock’ function is on, deactivate it. You can do that by pressing the ‘cycle signal; switch for about 3 seconds.

And as far as ‘Wrinkle Reduction’ goes, you may have to wait before the dryer can start running. Alternatively, you can deselect the setting by selecting a ‘Normal Cycle’ setting. 

5. Non-Responsive Control Panel

You cannot overlook the control panel when your Neptune dryer doesn’t start. For one, the control panel will become non-responsive if you touch it with your fingernails instead of the fingertip. 

The fingernails may scratch the panel, stopping the Maytag Neptune dryer from running. Secondly, the control panel will become non-responsive if you touch it with wet hands. 


Consider using your fingertips and not your fingernails to operate the control panel. And if your fingers are wet, dry them with a clean towel before touching the control panel. 

Maytag Neptune dryer won't start but has power

6. Failed Component

Lastly, your Neptune dryer won’t start due to a failed component. We’ve already mentioned the start button and door switch but other than the pair, the dryer may not start if one of these components fails:

  • Drive motor – The dryer motor is instrumental in turning the drum and allowing the blower wheel to take out exhaust air. If it’s faulty, the drum and blower won’t run, preventing the dryer from starting. 
  • Dryer belt – Largely, the running of the drive motor may not depend on a functional dryer belt. If the belt is broken, the drive motor may not run; if it doesn’t, the drum won’t turn, which deters the dryer from starting.
  • Timer – A defective timer will fail to relay the right message to the control board. So the dryer may not start. You can tell a faulty timer if it doesn’t show continuity on a multimeter.
  • Control board – If none of the other dryer components is faulty, the main control board is likely to be defective. So, you may need to replace it, preferably with an expert’s help. 


Replace any of the above dryer components if they are faulty. Ask for a dryer expert’s help if you can’t diagnose them. 

Maytag Neptune Gas Dryer Won’t Start

Several issues coils stop a Maytag gas dryer from starting. That includes the following:

  • A blown-up fuse, which cuts off the dryer’s power supply
  • Malfunctioning thermostat, which fails to direct the control panel
  • The wrong setting, such as the control lock, which locks the control panel
  • A faulty start switch, which won’t power on the dryer

Maytag Neptune Dryer Won’t Start But Has Power

If your Maytag Neptune dryer has power but won’t start, you must rule out power supply failure. That means the issue could be any of these:

  • The start button is defective
  • The drive motor won’t run (if it’s faulty)
  • You might be having a dead control board
  • The drive belt is loose or broken, thus unable to turn the motor
  • The timer could be malfunctioning

Maytag Neptune Dryer Won’t Start Just Beeps

Not often does a Neptune dryer beep, but it fails to start. Apparently, the beeping is an error code likely to indicate a defective door switch. 

That’s often the case if the door doesn’t lock. But if the problem is not the door or door switch, it could be the control panel buttons that are wrongly pressed or stuck. 

And if they aren’t the problem, the issue could be a faulty thermostat or control board. 

Maytag Neptune dryer lights on but won’t start

Maytag Neptune Dryer Lights On But Won’t Start (Turns On But Won’t Start)

If your Neptune dryer lights are on, the dryer has turned on. Thus, you expect it to start. However, several issues may stop it from starting, and they include the following:

  • The start switch could be faulty
  • Active control lock, which locks the control panel
  • Wrong cycle selection, such as Wrinkle Shield, which delays the dryer from starting
  • A blown fuse, which disrupts the dryers power supply
  • An unlatched door, which is probably due to a faulty door switch or trapped clothing

My Maytag Neptune Dryer Won’t Start – Closing Remarks:

Now you know what to check when your Maytag Neptune dryer will not start. The start button, incoming power, dryer door, setting control panel or component like the timer, drive motor, drive belt, or control board could be the problem.

If something is wrong with any of them, the dryer may not start. You can, however, troubleshoot the Maytag dryer, and the above guide will help you do it. 

Did the issue get resolved or was there a replacement dryer?

The issue was not resolved as the person never got the chance to find out the advice. However, they were fortunate enough to stumble upon a 3-year-old Duet dryer at a yard sale. They decided to purchase it for a slightly higher price than just the motor and proceed to replace their old dryer with it.

What happens when the glides wear out in the dryer?

When the glides in a dryer wear out, they can cause a few issues. Firstly, you may start to hear a noise coming from the dryer drum. This noise is caused by the glides becoming less effective in supporting the drum, resulting in increased friction and potentially some binding. However, it’s important to note that despite the noise, the drum will continue to turn as long as it’s manually operated. In other words, if you can still turn the drum by hand without any obstruction, it means that the glides are not completely stopping the rotation. So, when the glides wear out, they primarily cause an increase in noise and potential binding, but they do not completely hinder the drum from spinning.

Is there a way to run the motor while the dryer is taken apart?

Yes, there is a way to run the motor while the dryer is taken apart. One possible method is by shorting the door safety switch connectors. However, it is important to note that doing so bypasses an important safety feature and should only be done if you have a thorough understanding of electrical systems and are confident in your ability to handle it safely. Additionally, it is worth considering that if the motor is not turning and there are no visible obstructions, the issue may not be related to the motor but could be caused by worn glides or bad motor windings. In such cases, running the motor may not necessarily resolve the underlying problem.

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